Home Of UK Pride 2023 #proudtobe

Official Campsite: 29 June - 3 July 2023

Festival Dates: 1 - 2 July 2023

Join us in celebrating one of the fastest growing Pride events in the UK.
Stay on the Official Campsite where the entertainment continues until the early hours.

Pride in Weston are #proudtobe hosts of UK Pride 2023!

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Welcome to Pride In Weston Official Campsite where the fun starts from the moment your onsite, a campground for like-minded people coming together to celebrate everything that is “Equality”. Our beautiful 70-acre campsite located on a private enclosed area of land where the dears run free amongst the fields that surround you!

And what makes the official campsite so wonderful is it is only a short ten-minute coach shuttle service ride directly from the official campsite to the “Pride In Weston Beach Lawns” celebrations and the starting point of the Pride Parade.

Throughout the weekend the official campsite will be supporting Pride In Weston #proudtobe, there will be live performers on stage from Thursday evening and throughout the weekend right up to Sunday evening.

When the Pride In Weston Official Parade starts and throughout the officials Pride in Weston celebrations on the Beach Lawns throughout Saturday & Sunday the tempo at the official campsite will be lowered so you can go off and enjoy what you have all come to be part of the Pride In Weston party atmosphere down on the Beach Lawns. Then once the official Beach Lawns celebrations come to an end for the day the official campsite will come to life as we make the most of our weekend together.

Weston-super-Mare 2023

After a successful bid in October 2019, Pride in Weston were awarded the honour to host UK Pride 2023.

Since 2014

Pride In Weston has been established since 2014 and since its inaugural event in Grove Park the annual celebration has got bigger & bigger year in year out.

Family Friendly

It provides a platform for the LGBTQ+ community, friends and family to be visible throughout North Somerset and beyond.

Deluxe Pre-Pitched Tent

Camp With Us – We Have An Amazing Choice Of Options For Every Pride Camper

If you don’t have your own tent don’t worry, we have plenty of options for you and we will even put your tent up ready and waiting for you for when you arrive. The choice of pre pitched tents from deluxe, classic, bell tent & standard tents

And if you have your own tent what are you waiting for get your pitch booked you know how it works.

Those who have motorhomes and caravans get your engines started, your sat-nav set and book in to join us on site along side all our other pride campers.

Campsite Book Now

Thursday - Beat The Crowds

Why not make the most of the weekend ahead by arriving on the Thursday, getting yourselves comfy and your ready for the party to start in plenty of time and to make the day even better the live bands and performers on stage will entertain you with all the action starting early evening Thursday for some "Camp With Us Warm Up Fun".

The pamper parlour, the licenced bars, the food outlets and all the facilities at the campsite will be available from the Thursday so if you fancy making the most of the weekend and getting in before the crowds arrive Thursday is the ideal day to arrive and start your "Camp With Us" adventure ahead.

Friday - The 2023 Opening Ceremony Of Pride In Weston

On Stage At The Official Campsite On Friday Evening

Let’s Get The Party Started – The place to be, the official campsite for Pride In Weston as we welcome on stage members of the Executive Team from Pride In Weston along with their distinguished dignitaries to launch the 2023 celebrations and offer a warm welcome to all in attendance.

Then enjoy the rest of the evening as we dance and party the night away with the superb live bands on stage through out the evening all ending with a DJ spectacular performance.

Saturday - Official Parade And Beach Lawns Celebrations

It’s Saturday, It’s Pride In Weston, Home To UK Pride 2023!

The shuttle busses will be lined up ready and waiting to transfer you to the starting point of the parade then it is fun for the day at the Pride In Weston party weekend ahead of you. To use the shuttle bus service, you will need to register and pay a small supplement and then you can use the service as little or as much as you wish throughout the weekend.

Your shuttle busses will be on hand throughout the day and the evening to take you back and for from the official campsite and the Beach Lawns until mid-evening once the official Beach Lawns celebrations come to an end.

Saturday Night After Party Celebrations

Then back at the official campsite the live entertainment on stage carries on until late into the evening.

Sunday - Final Day Of UK Pride 2023 As Part Of Pride In Weston

Once again your shuttle busses will be ready and waiting throughout the day to take you on the short journey into Weston-super-Mare for the final day of Pride In Weston celebrations.

Working closely with the Executive Team from Pride In Weston we will be supporting the celebrations throughout the weekend and ensuring your campsite base offers you the very best environment and enjoyment to make the most of the wonderful entertainment and facilities on the Beach Lawns as we party the day away knowing if at any time throughout the day or the evening you need to call back to the official campsite the shuttle bus service for those who have opted to register for the service will be on hand for you to use.

Pride In Weston Farewell Party Celebration

Once the Beach Lawns official Pride In Weston celebrations come to a close on day two the official campsite will be ready to celebrate our final evening together and host members of the Pride In Weston Executive Team back on stage to offer their thanks to all in attendance and to launch the farewell party celebrations at the official campsite as we see the night out with live bands and entertainers on stage as we dance and celebrate the night to a close.

The Pamper Room

The Pamper Parlour Is More Than Just A Place To Ensure You Look Your Best

Located near to the pamper parlour marquee will be the campsite changing rooms, you can arrive on site and use the changing room facilities at your leisure throughout the weekend to get your chosen outfits on.

Once your all changed and ready for a great day ahead of Pride partying just metres from the changing rooms you will find the pamper parlour all fitted out with mirrors to get your make up on and to ensure you are looking your best, curling tongs for those last-minute attentions to detail, we even have hair dryers should you need them.

We have thought of everything, the licensed bar will also be close by so you can get your glad rags on and you don’t have too far to go to get that G & T or that beverage of your choice.

Pre-Pitched Camping Options

Choose one of our pre-pitched tents or pitches and we'll take care of the setup for you. Show up and get comfortable, no questions asked!

Bring Your Own Options

Perfect for those that already have a tent, motorhome or caravan. Book your place on the official campsite and enjoy the experience.


Bring Your Own Tent


Bring Your Own Caravan


Bring Your Own Motorhome

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Feel Free! Feel Lgbtq+!
In The Country And Surrounded By Nature & Freedom

From the moment you arrive at the official campsite of Pride In Weston home to UK Pride 2023 you will feel free and relaxed to be yourselves surrounded by like minded individuals all coming together to have a wonderful time.

For some it may be their first experience of coming out, you may feel a little tentative but what better environment to be yourself, within no time you will be at the bar sipping your cocktail and having a great time with your friends and loved ones as the bands perform on stage in the background and the weekend has got underway in true Pride fashion brought to you by Pride In Weston and your Official Campsite.

The changing rooms and the pamper parlour at the official campsite are there for you to use, you can arrive on to site as you want and to change into your desired outfits throughout the weekend as and when you need to and of course the make up and the mirrors will be an important addition on the campsite to ensure you are looking your best in readiness for the celebrations ahead.

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